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Charting out the Path to Academic Excellence

Serving students from Kindergarten through Grade 10, Merit Academy provides tailored programs designed to give our students the edge they need to advance and succeed.

Our courses have been meticulously developed to meet the unique needs of every student. Regardless of their skill level, we ensure all students benefit from our high-quality supplementary education, delivered by our team of dedicated and experienced professionals.

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Our Course Offerings

✔ Mathematics / Intensive Math Course

  • Foundation and Mastery: Our math curriculum adheres strictly to the Common Core State Standards, ensuring every student gets the computational and conceptual foundation they need.

  • Assessment First: Every student's journey starts with a diagnostic assessment. This helps us create a learning plan tailored to their strengths and areas of growth.

  • Personalized Learning Pathways: Post-assessment, we design an individualized program that aligns with each student's unique needs.


Reading Strategies and Skills Course

Depth and Breadth: Dive deep into reading comprehension techniques, ranging from understanding current events to grasping complex literary concepts.

Effective Strategies: We emphasize strategies like text structure identification to ensure robust content area comprehension.

Vocabulary Workshop

Enriched Learning: Stories aren’t just for listening. We use them to enhance vocabulary, helping students grasp synonyms and verbal analogies.

Interactive Engagement: Students challenge each other in vocabulary games and activities, fostering a fun learning environment and deeper comprehension.

Test Prep

  • Targeted Focus: Our test preparation program zeros in on the exams (e.g. NJSLA, ISEE, HSPT, and SSAT) ensuring students are ready and confident on test day.

  • Comprehensive Review: From vocabulary essentials to English Language Arts, we cover all the bases so your child can ace exams with confidence.

Language Arts Workshop

  • Structured Learning: Understand the intricacies of grammar, sentence construction, paragraph development, and essay composition.

  • Holistic Development: More than just lessons, students are armed with thinking and organization skills crucial for academic excellence.

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Public Speaking

  • Beyond Basics: Our students learn more than just speaking. We help them master the art of public presentation, from voice modulation to effective articulation.

  • Practical Exposure: Our hands-on approach ensures that students aren’t just trained, they’re transformed into confident speakers

Writing Workshop

  • Tailored Guidance: Our writing workshop empowers students to become independent writers under the mentorship of our skilled instructors.

  • Varied Styles: Dive into different writing genres, from descriptive and narrative to persuasive and expository. We equip every student with a well-rounded writing skill set.

High School

High School Programs

Empower your high schooler with targeted academic programs designed to challenge, stimulate, and prepare them for college and beyond. Our High School programs include:

Math Courses

                                                        ✔ Algebra & Geometry  ✔ Algebra II  ✔  Pre-Calculus

Science Courses

✔ Biology   Chemistry

Additional Offerings

Whether your child needs a little extra help with their homework, or is interested in extra-curricular academic challenges, we offer a variety of additional programs:

  • Homework Help: Tailored to your child's specific needs, this program helps students keep up with their schoolwork.

  • School Coursework Help: Get additional assistance with challenging course material to ensure academic success.

  • School Project Help: Perfect for crunch times, our experts are here to assist with any last-minute project needs.

  • Writing Competitions: Unleash your child’s creativity and improve their writing skills, all while they compete for great prizes.

  • Math Competitions: Challenge your child’s mathematical abilities and provide an opportunity to excel in a competitive environment.

  • SAT Math Preparation: Get a leg up on college applications with targeted SAT math prep that can make a difference in your scores.

Ready to give your child the Merit Academy advantage? Don’t wait.
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