Our Programs

Serving students in grades K to 8, Merit Academy offers customized programs to help students get ready for the new school year and beyond.

Merit Academy's courses and classes have been carefully selected to provide students of all abilities high quality supplemental educational services. Our team of professional teachers and staff help facilitate the learning process so that a challenging learning environment is created as a pathway for the student's academic success.


Courses and Classes for 2021 Fall/Winter

Renaissance/Freckle Math

Our highly recognized mathematics program creates math assignments tailored to each student's current ability level. By automatically scoring all math practice, including assignments and tests, students are provided with ongoing feedback from the instructor by addressing each student's individual needs.

Reading Platform -
Reading Platform will offer students a place to gain a deeper appreciation and meaning when reading non-fiction articles, novels, and short stories. We will read, interpret, analyze, and make connections while promoting critical thinking.

Vocabulary Builder

Vocabulary Builder will enhance overall vocabulary by reading non-fiction articles and using multiple sources. Your child will develop various strategies that will enhance their ability to apply challenging words in appropriate context.

Test Prep

Our test preparation classes currently focus the PARCC, ISEE, and SSAT examinations. Program features include: test taking techniques, practice questions, vocabulary word essentials, English Language Arts, literature review, and math review.

Language Arts Workshop -

The Language Arts Workshop will help students develop specific thinking and organization patterns that will aid them in their academic studies. They continue to perfect these skills, while building the skills necessary for success in the school year. During lessons, students gain a more detailed insight into: grammar; mechanics; sentence construction; paragraph development; and essay composition.

Phonics Class -

Merit Academy’s phonics program course uses a multi-sensory approach to teaching phonics and reading. We emphasize the sequential steps of phonetic and structural analysis, which enables students to become fluent and strong independent readers.


Writing Platform -

The Writing Platform creates independent writers with the guidance of our instructors. Your child will learn how to organize their thoughts and follow the writing steps by developing their descriptive, narrative, persuasive, and expository writing. our sessions are divided into timed sections and will ensure our writers can prepare a coherent essay by providing engaging and detailed writing pieces.