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About Us

Merit Academy
Preparing Children for Success since 2002

Located in Fort Lee, NJ, we have been pioneers in delivering innovative educational programs that blend tried-and-true learning strategies with new methods for over two decades. Merit Academy creates a challenging educational environment and encourages high expectations for success through age and skill appropriate instruction. Our seasoned educators, modern facilities, and well-researched curriculum make us the premier local choice for K-10 education.

In Class
Student Life

We Value the Individuality of Every Child

Our academy promotes a high standard of compassion, dedication, and a supportive environment, with prominence placed on individual differences and learning styles. We believe that every child is unique, and with the right guidance and environment, can achieve milestones beyond their imagination. We strive to have our parents and teachers communicate effectively in creating well-balanced, focused students. Our inclusive community of educators, students, and parents makes us not just an educational institution, but a family that learns, grows, and thrives together.

Studying in Library

Join Us in Building a Legacy of Learning

Merit Academy and its affiliates have been helping children of all abilities achieve a higher standard of learning since 2002. Over the years, we’ve seen thousands of students embark on their academic journeys with confidence stemming from the foundational skills and values they've acquired at Merit Academy.

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